I have always liked to experiment with computers. I began playing around with Linux in it's infancy and still use it as my primary operating system today. But I am an expert in Microsoft Windows as well. 

I can install, maintain, and operate both Unix-based and Windows computer systems. I have built computers from scratch, including my rather powerful studio computer (which I use to compose music). I can diagnose problems with computers and fix them.

I have completed my Associate degree in IT, which included the A+ and Network+ courses. 

The image at the left is a screen capture of my desktop, in Ubuntu using XFCE as the window manager in a custom configuration I designed including a custom Conky script at the right that I developed. Below is a variation I designed on this same desktop setup. 


I have an extensive history of writing music. I have taught music composition on electronic systems (MIDI). I have also served as a band director (orchestra). 

I am good at guitar, decent at piano, and proficient at trombone. I held the position of  'first-chair' (trombone) in high school advanced band. I have expertise in both the Protools and Reaper digital audio workstations (DAWs), though I prefer the latter.  

I have uploaded two of my compositions. Click one of the buttons below.


A residual of my military experience, I enjoy sport shooting. But I also consider it my responsibility as citizen licensed to carry concealed to train hard and often. I am also tested yearly to maintain my armed security license. I try to get out to the range monthly. I have been educated regarding the lawful use of deadly force and do not take the responsibility lightly. If I remain in the security industry, I intend to voluntarily take some further tactical training classes in the near future. 


I have become decent at painting. I am also quite good at drawing. I have extended these skills into the digital world to include website development (including THIS website) and digital photography. 

Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, and other mediums allow me to explore my very active imagination. 

The image at right is a painting I did a while back wherein I imagined the appearance of the planet Jupiter rising over the horizon of one of its icy moons. The texture on the surface of Jupiter is actually a direct copy of actual Voyager images, all painted by hand. 

I can take a photo and replicate it in painted mediums quite accurately. I use a grid system to mathematically break down an image to be accurately transferred to a canvas of any size. 

Another painting. This one is actual-size and a very accurate rendering of a Fender Stratocaster my wife owns. I did the green tones and textures in the back to specifically go with my living room (at the time). It no longer matches my furniture so it actually stands out more now. It is rendered in mixed media including metallic pen, oil and acrylic paints. This is an example of a grid-system painting. In this case, the ration was 1:1.


I have enjoyed photography since the early nineties. I currently am working on an astro-photography setup. Having lived on three continents, I have had tons of reasons to take photos. I took photography as an elective in high school, such that I know how to process and develop my own photos. Of course, I also learned the concepts of composition and how to take excellent photographs (not just develop them). I certainly know my way with a 35mm SLR camera and am becoming increasingly proficient with digital SLR cameras. 

I enjoy finding natural items to photograph as opposed to staging photographs. To the right is a photo of a flag outside my house in the winter. Below is a photo I took while on the subway in New York City. While above ground, I wanted to capture the combination of colors more than the details of the items. This is looking back towards Manhattan out the window. It is an example of how to make a good abstract composition out of the actual world.