Securcorp Inc. - Elite Private Security Officer

Feb 2012 - present

When I started with this company, I initially functioned as a "flex-officer," covering all shifts at multiple client locations. I thereby gained experience in gate access security, corporate building access, private apartment patrol, neighborhood patrol, and retail security. I now serve exclusively as an overnight guard of Prince William County government buildings, with very occasional temporary coverage at the Arlington County Water Pollution Control plant, Giant store locations from Vienna to Fredericksburg, and the Feld Administration Building in Tyson's Corner. For the Prince William County government, I cover their administration buildings in Lakeridge as well as the Police/EMS Training Academy in Nokesville. Having completed my degree program, I am now looking to shift careers into the IT field... or at least one that pays better. 


GEICO - Call Center Service Associate

Dec 2008 - Feb 2012

I had served in the sales, service and billing departments of GEICO Property Agency upon obtaining multiple state licenses in insurance. I became a subject-matter expert in this field in a very short period of time through diligent study as needed to pass the proctored exams prior to licensing. 

While working for GEICO, I created many innovative computer tools to make the job easier and more efficient, most of which were Excel spreadsheets with interactive hyperlinks. My duties included maintaining and correcting homeowners, renters, and personal property policies in a call-center environment. This job helped me improve my telephone conversation and conflict resolution skills. The work environment was pretty harsh and I ultimately wanted to find a better job.

NAPA Auto Parts - Acting Store Manager

Aug 2005 - Dec 2008

I was promoted to management in just over a year of employment, similar to my career with Radioshack.  I was responsible for all aspects of store operations in the absence of the store manager (who got fired), and primarily focused on retail sales and inventory maintenance, when a store manager was present. As part of my advancement, I obtained ASE Parts Certification as a Parts Specialist.

NAPA ended up down-sizing and closing several locations. I was moved from one location to another before I got hired with GEICO. I had sought other employment while employed by NAPA because I was worried that they were likely to close more locations and I would then find myself unemployed. I eventually found a vastly better paying job at GEICO and left just months before the store I was at was indeed closed down. 

Best Buy - Section Lead

Mar 2003 - Oct 2004

I specialized in home audio and video component technology and connectivity. My duties included maintaining my assigned section as well as performing as a cashier when necessary. I also served in the large appliances section for a time.

This was a low-wage job with unstable hours. I had to seek full-time employment to stabilize my finances. Ultimately, my quest for stable employment in New York City failed, so I returned to Virginia. I did work for Pearl Paint full time for a brief period after this job, but that had an even lower hourly wage (though I was guaranteed 40 hours). Relocating back to Virginia was an excellent decision as my life almost immediately improved.

Lerner Enterprises - Private Security Guard and Dispatcher

May 2000 - Feb 2003

As a dispatcher I coordinated emergency response units (fire, police and medical), to various incidents on a large and complex commercial property. I often helped local police catch and process apprehended  perpetrators for trespassing, theft and vandalism. I also periodically switched out to conduct patrols as a means of keeping myself familiar with the secured territory, which would change often. The property included a small residential area and a large shopping mall with it's own auxiliary police department. 

I enjoyed this job immensely. I only left because my fiance got a job promotion that required her (and I) to relocate from Virginia to New York City. 

Radioshack - Retail Store Manager

Aug 1997 - June 2000
I started at the bottom as a standard sales associate and became a location manager at the age of 19, one of the youngest ever in the region. I had worked several locations in Northern Virginia for about a year and a half before becoming the store manager of the Chantilly location.

I helped establish a newly renovated store, achieving consistent sales gains and increased commercial (contractor-centered) sales. As a manager I maintained a stern discipline while raising all subordinates to improved company standards in long distance, cellular, computer, and satellite sales. 

As Radioshack was expanding in those days, they opened a new location in a mall up the road from this location. They transferred me to work in that store but reduced me to an assistant manager role since they already had a store manager set for that new location. I found out the local mall security got paid better, so I changed careers. 

US ARMY - Radio Systems Operator

May 1996 - July 1997

As a soldier in the US ARMY, I was trained in the implementation, security and maintenance of line-of-sight encrypted radio communications systems.

I was also trained and certified to drive the US ARMY standard Humvee. I gained experience with multiple vehicle types, able to drive large transports as well as configurations involving towing. I obtained 'Top Secret' security clearance.

I was deployed to Camp Red Cloud, South Korea, near the demilitarized zone where several field exercises were held each month. I also performed assault simulations on communications sites to test the security patrol measures. My driving experience involved hazardous roads and in mountainous regions where pavement was minimal and snow presented a significant problem given the steep grades. I qualified 'Expert' as a marksman on the M16A2 assault rifle. I was voluntarily honorably discharged due to a medical issue.