Welcome to my personal website! This page offers a brief introduction. Use the links at the left to examine more details about me.

My primary full time job is as an armed security officer with Securcorp. We provide access control and patrol coverage for Prince William  County government buildings.

I am also a freelance certified application developer for Samsung. I design customized watch faces for the Samsung Gear Fit 2 smart watch. 

I have just recently completed my Associate degree in Applied Science, focusing on Information Technology, while working full-time as a security officer. I am now ready to move on to a job in the IT field, or at least something local. I might simply move to a local security company as I do enjoy this line of work too. 

I had been previously educated in technical diagnostics by the US Army for my specific job as a signal corp maintainer/operator. As I continue to get deeper into current IT concepts, I can see parallels is the military implementation of mobile communications networks and the typical LAN and WAN architectures of modern networks.  

I regret that I was unable to finish my tour in the Army, being given an Honorable Discharge due to a medical issue. Still, I learned a ton while I was in. I made it through Basic Training, advanced training, and deployment to South Korea where I did engage in several field exercises. The most profound thing I got from the Army was a new view of my own strength. They basically stripped away any insecurity and built a strong individual with a clear sense of discipline. 
I have a wide range of skills that I have obtained over the years, but this core discipline has benefited me most. It has also benefited my employers over the years.

Feel free to explore further into who I am by going through the different pages via the menu at the top left. I include a detailed history of my employment as well as my interests and hobbies. If you would like to contact me regarding job offers or really anything, use the contact form below. I designed and maintain this site, so any suggestions regarding the design or functionality are welcome!
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I took the above photo while en route to an installation site in Korea (US Army).